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Have you been treated badly or abused at your workplace just because you are disabled? Is your disability a reason for slow appraisals or reduced pay at your office? Does your boss refuse to make simple adjustments to accommodate your schedules and comforts? You can always seek legal advice from a disability discrimination lawyer if all of these or even one of these issues is disturbing you mentally or emotionally.

A person is eligible for a particular job or position even if he or she is unable to walk, hear, stand or sit without assistance. Therefore, such people cannot be discriminated against, harassed or paid less at work simply because they are disabled. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), differently abled individuals are protected against intentional discrimination.  Also, the Rehabilitation Act gives you the right to a reasonable accommodation to assist with your work, which could include a wheelchair ramp, flexible or comfortable work schedules, revaluation of duties, etc., which an employer has to provide unless it would become a serious burden on them.  Moreover, the employer cannot fire a person just because he or she is disabled.

You can file a law suit against your employer under the ADA for discrimination. The following is a list of examples of disability discrimination:

  • Your job application gets rejected just because you are a disabled
  • The employer refrains from hiring you even if he/she is convinced that your selection would not mean major adjustments in the workplace
  • The employer fires an employee after he/she becomes disabled
  • If someone harasses a disabled employee by making derogatory comments or cracking personal jokes
  • Denying promotions even if the disabled employee is performing his or her job effectively despite being disabled
  • Incomplete payment or a pay cut on hourly wages after incurring a disability
  • Assigning jobs that are not suited to the employee’s experience even if the employee has been doing his/her current job well
  • Preventing a disabled employee from receiving bonuses
  • Not providing the necessary training to help the employee overcome the disability
  • Not providing flexibility in timing considering a disabled employee’s condition and the possible necessity of medication breaks
  • Not providing essential equipment in order to accommodate the disability of an employee

If you or any of your disabled friends or relatives are facing discrimination for being disabled, then you can certainly call a disability discrimination lawyer to seek advice or help file a lawsuit. If the employer is found liable for violating the ADA, the employer may have pay back wages, pay the victim’s attorney’s fees, and provide compensation to the disabled person. However, a victim has to file a lawsuit within 180 days following any occurrence of disability discrimination. Hire an attorney to help you file a claim as soon as possible or you could lose your right to file a lawsuit.

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