Minnesota draws on Scandinavian heritage in battle with modern-day trolls; states begin to address patent troll issue

In May 2013 the state of Vermont filed a complaint against alleged “patent troll” MPHJ Technology accusing it of violating the state’s Consumer Protection Act.  This week the Minnesota attorney general’s office announced a settlement with the company which it started investigating in 2012.  Terms of the Minnesota settlement include a fine as well as requiring MPHJ Technology to obtain permission from the attorney general before operating in the state in future.

While the Minnesota settlement does not directly relate to the HIT arena, the healthcare industry is watching this new development with interest, as the issue is one of growing concern among clients and other healthcare organizations.  Many healthcare clients have already reported aggressive tactics by patent trolls, as well as by companies that preface their “inquiries” with the announcement that they are not patent trolls.

We will continue to monitor this area for further developments.

See Washington Post article at ” Minnesota settlement orders Delaware company to stop ‘patent trolling ‘”

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