Top Features to Look for in Law Practice Management Software


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In today’s modern landscape, it is safe to say that law practice management software is no longer just a luxury but a necessity. It improves the law firm’s operations in more ways than one, such as in terms of billing, scheduling, and document management, among others. With a plethora of options available, however, do not take this an excuse to choose just any software. In this article, we’ll list the most crucial features to look for.

Billing Management

Law practice management software also doubles as legal billing software. Law firms can be more confident about their billing practices as it is automated and less prone to inaccuracies. Even the recording of billables is automatic. It allows easy entry of activities that clients need to pay. It also allows customization in the creation of invoices. Plus, law practice management software makes sure that these invoices are sent on time. It also provides multiple channels for the clients to settle their payments in the most convenient way possible.


With a law practice management software like Rocket Matter, users will also enjoy a powerful legal calendar. It allows the easy creation of tasks based on the desired schedule. Most importantly, this makes it a breeze to monitor the progress of the task.  It simplifies project management by having a user-friendly calendar to stay on track. It also makes it easy to record billables from the calendar events.

Document Management

Another important feature to look for in a law practice management software is its ability to manage documents. This allows users to access the documents anytime and anywhere. It speeds up the completion of work related to specific cases while offering flexibility to lawyers. It also makes it possible to digitize the documents, which is crucial in going paperless and being eco-friendly. Document management also improves communication with clients and data security.

Mobile Applications

The future of law firms is mobile. This makes it crucial for law practice management software to have a mobile app that users can easily access. This way, lawyers and other users will be able to view case information even outside of the office with the use of their mobile phones. It also accurately captures time on the go, providing lawyers with a convenient way to keep track of their billables.


The failure to collaborate makes law firms lose money. With this, to be able to foster a collaborative culture, law practice management software can help. Depending on which one you will choose, it has a feature that enables collaboration between users.  Internal messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing are some ways by which it allows lawyers and other people within the firm to effectively work as a team.

Now is the time to take your law firm to the next level! Use law practice management software and take advantage of the features above to improve business operations. It will help to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and has a huge impact on the firm’s profitability.

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