What Questions Should You Ask to Hire Canadian Immigration Lawyer?


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You have made the right decision of contacting Mississauga immigration lawyer. They can make your application process easy for you. Now, don’t select any immigration lawyer you find. You should select a lawyer after enquiring about them. Following are the questions you should ask your lawyer before selecting an attorney for your immigration:

  • Credentials

After passing law examination you need to finish 2-4 years of internship, then spend the time of articling, get bar admission course, and a bar exam. The provincial license should also be obtained to practice in a particular province.

These all credentials should be met by a lawyer in Canada. If they don’t have these credentials, take a U-turn, don’t hire them.

  • Experience

When you are hiring a lawyer for your immigration, make sure that the lawyer has at least ten years of experience working as an immigration lawyer. When you are going to hire from a firm, you still have to know the lawyer who is going to represent you, s/he should at least have been working with this firm for at least five years. Choose a firm that wins cases and also treats well with their clients.

  • Handling Your Case

Every case is unique, so the experience of a lawyer is important, but more important is if the lawyer you are trying to hire has experience with cases similar to yours. For example, you will need a family law immigration lawyer if you are divorced and your child is in joint custody. Family laws can be different in different countries.

  • Referrals

Your lawyer mightn’t discuss individual cases in you because of the confidentiality, but you can still get a list of successful customers from your lawyer. Ask them about the lawyer. Also, you should ask the other clients of the lawyer who is undergoing through the immigration process. You can make a distinction about is the lawyer is good or bad by listening to others who undergone or is undergoing the same thing as you are.

  • Ask if your case will win?

The way your case is moving in the court, a lawyer from his/her experience can determine are you going to win or not. Many cases should have come in the court, and the experienced lawyer would have seen some cases similar to yours, and so he/she can recall the results of such cases.

  • Payment

Most of the lawyers in Canada charge you on an hourly basis. But read the contract carefully before signing it. Court fees and other expenses also might be charged for you. Your contract with the lawyer should contain a breakdown of payments. Ask your lawyer if you have any confusion.

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